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Pliable Pattern

Pliable Pattern is a product we invented with the goal to make garment pattern making easier, efficient and more accurate. All of these factors combined have the intent to save the user time and money.

At the core, Pliable Pattern is a woven fabric with a printed grid that allows the user to mark more effectively, draw out their patterns, cut it out, sew it up, edit, deconstruct, and modify it to get their desired and perfected fit.

The benefits of Pliable Pattern compared to the traditional method of garment pattern making are endless. It is less likely to tear than regular dot paper or pattern paper. It is foldable and easier to transport than Manilla hard paper patterns. It can be pinned onto a dress form or mannequin, sewn and deconstructed/reconstructed with any necessary changes. The "shelf life" of Pliable Pattern is longer, as it is nontarnishable nor fragile, like traditional materials. And for the eco-conscious in everyone, it is re-usable!